Hey now. Back again. Firstly, without much ado and serious delay, I have the 2011 Year End lists from the staff, fashionably late as always. I’m going to run with the gimmick that we do them in February to remind people of what might have been white noise had we printed them in January like most normal publications. Sure. Secondly, we have a bunch of cassette/demo reviews with more to come soon (zines too). And some regular ol’ record reviews as well, and interviews, and other stuff we have backlogged here. We’ll get a little more regular from here on out. Obviously since the last time we spoke the world of underground/DIY music lost a major talent in Brendon Annesley , a kid I will miss corresponding and collaborating with. It was an honor to be published in NGL and a thrill to have known him for too short a time. Looking back at my own year end list (which I had written well before the tragedy of his death) it’s a bit disheartening to know we won’t have him carrying on with us from here on out. His taste, insight and sense of humor were all top notch, and all things I will remember fondly and miss greatly. RIP Brendon.