A special Monday treat for you brown-baggers and nine-to-fivers. The fourth installment of Too Much Junk from Mr. Justin Collectorscum himself. Covering some cover songs this time around, it’s a treat to have someone as knowledgable and helpful as Justin on staff. I know there are some other record collecting heavies lurking out there, I see you hiding as Guests on the message board, your ULTRA-RARE OOP IP addresses lurking in the shadows of the TB site. Expose yourselves and come up with something as informative and interesting as Too Much Junk or Cheap Rewards or The Guide to GG Allin. I dare you. Share the knowledge stored in the long boxes of your mind before it is lost forever. TB will be more than happy to assist you in interacting with other humans via the interweb. Don’t be frightened. We want to hear those long-lost test presses and local obscurities and hard-to-find KBD bonzers and shockerz. Call us anytime at termibore-at-aoldotcom and put your collection where your mouth is.