Sorry for the brief delay in updates there. I nodded off for a second….BACK TA BUSINESS now, via Part One of an interview with the esteemable Mr. Mike Edison by TERMBO NYC Chapter Minister of Defense Aaron Lefkove. Part Two will follow in the upcoming second issue of Humanbeing Lawnmower zine, a split interview of sorts bring together the world of on-line and print fanzines. The interview follows in the wake of the release of Mike’s new memoir, I Have Fun Everywhere I Go, a book I should’ve long ago written a review of in these pages…let me just say, it’s an intoxicating blend of many things that I love and hold dear: tales of old school wrestling, drugs, Reagan Youth, garage punk, pornography, and GG Allin. And much much more. I whipped through this pup in less than a week whilst sipping pousse-cafes from the safety of a lounge chair in the backyard of TB HQ. I’d suggest anyone astute enough to be reading this website should pick up a copy and be regaled with tales you wish you were interesting enough to call your own. We’ll be back with some rapid-fire updates in the following week, including hot columns from Hyde and Young Steve and much much more.