About Termbo

Terminal Boredom was established in February of 2004 after the demise of the online zine Blank Generation. Wanting to continue their discussion of current underground music, many of the BG staff continued on with Terminal Boredom as their outlet for reviews of records and live shows, interviews with artists and labels, columns, discographies and more. Originally the site was updated semi-quarterly in true “zine” fashion, updates to which became less and less frequent due to the part-time/hobby status of those involved, the editor in particular. This blog was started in September of 2007 in an attempt to remedy that situation to act as a portal to the more frequent and less massive updates. It is still a work-in-progress. Sometime in 2005 or so a message board was created to give the ever-expanding community surrounding the music and bands covered in the zine a place to congregate, peddles wares and shoot the shit. It still exists with membership at 2700+ (not including lurkers/guests). Termbo continues to attempt to give coverage to “marginal music” that is deserving and honest reviews to any and all submissions. Termbo is non-profit, ad-free, with all work donated by the staff and therefore sometimes suffers the consequences of scheduling/”real life”/lethargy, which we continue to apologize for. To contact the editor with any questions or comments please e-mail termibore-at-aol.com. Comments are disabled on the blog, but if you wish to say something please e-mail the editor and/or visit our messageboard and join in the conversation. You can find a lot of content via the blog archive on the sidebar, biut also please visit the site archives to see years and years of content: columns, interviews, reviews and more. If you’d like to send something in for review please look here.

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