Canderson has let TB use his pictures many many times over the years, and we thank him profusely. He was kind enough to put together this 'Best of '08' selection for us, please enjoy and click on the pics for direct links to more of his work.

This was right before 2008. A shot of my grandpa that wasn't doing so hot. I traveled back to Illinois for Christmas just to see him 'cuz i was worried I might not have the chance again. My assumption was correct. He passed a few days after this shot.
Dad & Grandpa Anderson

Then in early Feb my other grandpa passed away. I shot this one of my grandpa and my cuz Josh while back for Christmas to the Oren. No idea that grandpa Bill was even close to passing. That shit hit me and the rest of my family like a ton of bricks.

Had a couple cool published things.
Flickr Pickr SF Chronicle's 96 Hours

Even Better.
AntiHero Zine Cover

Then I went to London...
Oxford Circus Phone Call

...and Paris with Louie (not pictured) and Christine (thanks sooo much we love you!) and Jack and Lili!!
Jack & Lili Dance Party

One more Paris, I love it so.
ET Bird Fisheye Holga

Shot the Dwarves in Oakland.
Dwarves 2

Parisian Friends in Oakland blowing the fucking roof of a 1000 degree house in the middle of the summer. One of the craziest best shows ever...
Crash Normal 34

Finally saw the Mummies...
Mummies 10

...and Yosemite at night.
Yosemite Full Moon Stream 1

Andy ate way too much food.
Inhuman Eating Machine Pinhole

There was a "Shotgun Heard 'round the World".
Zac Shotgun

The pigs ran and jumped.
When Pigs Fly

My aunt Julie decided to kick the last remaining shit out of me by passing away out of the blue. I had just seen her a few months before. It was rad being back in Chicago in the summer around my friends and family though. Nothing like heartbreak to bring people together.
Reflected Crown Fountain Chicago

King Khan came to town and made everything magical.
King Khan & His Shrines 19

Nobunny gets weirder and weirder and I love him more and more.

Made it back to Gonerfest. First "band" I saw was my reason #1 reason for coming at all.
King Louie @ Goner 2

So many other goodies, check the rest of my pix for more. One of my favorite shots of all time, thanks to Icki for letting me borrow his Leica M4-P.
King Louie Skating

BudgetRock came around...This was one of the best things I've ever seen of any show ever...
Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers 3

Not so bad either...
Mayyors 20

Shit that could send California into the ocean right here...
Human Eye 23

Thanksgiving at Andy and Kelly's = Awesome.
Andy Host W Da Most

Lily outside a sushi joint in SF. We're headed to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tokyo in about a month.
Lily We-Be Sushi

Bad days and years are a whole lot easier when you have somebody...
Thank you Lily.