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Record Reviews
The staff at Terminal Boredom will review any genre. Bands, labels, and distros, please feel free to pick a reviewer who it seems might be the right person for your record and send it to them. Or, send stuff to Terminal Boredom HQ. Either way, we will give a fair and honest appraisal of your release, absolutely free of charge. We like vinyl, and it gets preference to CDs, which we may or may not review depending on time constraints (i.e. if your release is on both CD and LP, send us the LP for a quicker review). CDs will be reviewed if and when we have time (which we probably won't, fair warning). We will not review "Internet Only" or "Download Only" or other non-tangible releases, this includes your bandcamp or soundcloud page. We will also not review downloads of physical releases - if you would like a review, just send us the actual record. We will review demos on CDR and cassette as well, which we do 2-3 times a year or when time permits. Thanks.

Terminal Boredom World HQ
Rich Kroneiss (RK)
301 Tremaine Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217

Rob F. (RSF)
415 Bellevue Avenue #22
Oakland, CA 94610

Dave Hyde (DH)
PO Box 1407
NY, NY 10163-1407

Nick Goode (NG)
80 Selman St. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

Art Department

Other Staff: Other staff contributors have and in some cases still do include Anonymous Goy, Icki Murrmann, Troy Canady, Jesse Knowcrap, Richard Stanley, Kemp Boyd, "GG", Sgt. Slaughter, Justin Collectorscum, Dasha van Dasha, Nanne Tepper, Phil Honululu, Crowbar, Lance Boyle, Chuck Barrels, Dave Anchovies, Steve Beat, Eric Lastname, Jay Litch, Scott Soriano, Erick Elric, Mitch Cardwell, Young Steve, Steve Strange, Deke Dirt, Agent Lemmy Caution, Handsome Collin M., Mike Sniper, Matt Coppens, Brandon Gaffney, Mike H, Eddie Schneider, Alessandro the Anus, Tm Onita, Tony Rettman, Mike Overly, Ted Laramy, Lars Finberg, Joe Domino, The Terminal Advisor, Matt O, Sarah Janet, Ben Lyon, Mattt, Black Mike, Frank Anstein, Jesse Conway and some others. If you need to contact them, check their columns for their e-mail address or send an e-mail to TB HQ and we'll get you in touch. We'd also thank to thank Icki, Canderson, Rob Karlic and the Internet for providing us with great photos over the years.

Terminal Boredom on Myspace:
The Guy With The Snake On His Face.
Please note that we do not check the Myspace page often, all correspondence should be directed to the Editor's e-mail at the top of this page. We will also not review songs on your Myspace page, so don't ask.

Terminal Boredom is on the lookout for intrepid music journalists to do articles/interviews/essays/features. The record review staff is currently full. TB is also looking for interested bands/musicians to write about music, so if you are one, and have some interest drop the editor a line (termibore-at-aol.com). All submissions or inquiries should go to the same e-mail address. We could also use more photographers willing to let us use their stuff, and are also looking for more foreign correspondents and people interested in contributing artwork/cartoons/etc..

All work contained on the site is donated by the contributors and is the property of the writer and/or Terminal Boredom. It should not be reprinted without asking us first. Opinions expressed belong to that particular contributor, and not the magazine/staff as a whole. There is no specific editorial "policy" at Terminal Boredom, except for the fact that we do not like things that suck, and prefer honesty over bullshit. Terminal Boredom and its Editor are not in any way affiliated with any of the bands or labels appearing on the site. Some contributors may be in a band or run a label, but they are not permitted to comment on/review their own releases.