The Best Shit in 2010.

And the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of it.

1. Tyvek "Nothing Fits" LP (In The Red)
There's a point in "Blocks" with a repetitive wall of guitar that is the finest moment in recorded music of the year.

2. Estrogen Highs "Friends & Relatives" LP (Gramery)
A perfect night out: grab a pie from Modern Apizza then pack into Popeye’s and load up on cheap beer while Estrogen Highs play through this album.

3. H-100s Live LP (Non-Commercial)
Somewhere between Live at Budokan and Live at Napa State Mental Hospital. Only here the inmates are on stage.

4. Homostupids "Night Deacon" 7" (Fashionable Idiots)
I would not leave my girlfriend alone with such handsome men. In fact, she is only allowed to listen to this on MP3.

5. Crazy Spirit 7" (Toxic State)
NY punx making block prints on envelopes and stuffing them with demento hardcore etched on wax.

6. Puffy Areolas "In the Army 1981" LP (Siltbreeze)
Hesske assured me these fellas were for real and who am I to question him. This'n is a winner.

7. Folded Shirt 7" (Fashionable Idiots)
This is why God invented supergroups.

8. Purling Hiss "Hissteria" LP (Richie)
These folks played the loudest set I've seen in a dog’s age. No better shredder has crossed my path lately.

9. The Young "Voyagers of Legend" LP (Mexican Summer)
I didn’t see this one coming. Revamped sound and these kids kick out something special.

10. Columbus Reissues: Mike Rep & The Quotas "Stupor Hiatus" 2xLP (Siltbreeze); Gibson Bros "Build a Raft" 2XLP, Ron House "Blind Boy in the Back Seat" LP, Nudge Squidfish "20,000 Leagues Under Nashville" LP, etc (Columbus Discount)
Keep 'em coming, please. Still amazed at the depth of this scene and the surface has barely been scratched.