From the Editor...

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a happy New Years and a pleasant holiday season overall. We sure did. Things are pretty frantic here around TB HQ, what with us branching off into motion picture and video game development (watch for the upcoming adult feature "Trickknee Does Dallas" and the soon-to-be Xbox sensation "Grand Theft Anal: Eric Lastname Edition"), but we finally found time to knock off the long delayed Issue 10 and finally put it to rest. This issue has been the most dragging-est, most plagued with problems one yet, as it was put on the backburner enough times that's it more than well done at this point. If you've been keeping up with the mini-updates throughout the past couple months, well there ain't too much new stuff to offer you right now. We decided to keep Issue 10 to what was planned, and not start slipping Issue 11 content in there. So be forewarned. The good news is that a lot of Issue 11 is already done, and should be ready in about a week or so. So you've got that going for you.

As far as content this issue, you should recheck the reviews section. Some new items have been added, and we have "hired" another reviewer/douchebag to the review staff in the form of Erick Elrick (or whatever he's calling himself). Let me reiterate, there will be a new issue in a week or so, with an all-new reviews section. So all you rabid record buyers and labels/bands who sent promos, thanks in advance for waiting just a little bit longer. Go back and double check this section and really think about what you're buying and why this time. A couple columns have been added from Young Steve (who gives us Part 1 of his "Teengenerate Effect" experience) and the enigmatic Phil Honululu (who turned in his column like two months ago, which you will discover is rather ironic once you read it. And send the guy some e-mail fer chrissakes). Young Steve does double duty on the Garbage Can this time around (and we apologize to both Josh Rutledge and the Lazer Hawk in advance), and next issue our token Canadian staffer Jeff Greenback will dive in. Other columns (you might have already read) include Soriano switching into book review mode, young Dasha van Dasha's first installment (which has already received raves), the always dependable Anonymous Goy and Dave "Cheap Rewards" Hyde, more comix from Ben Lyon, and another HC interview from our pal Million Dollar Matt Coppens. Features abound, with a fantastic TB Field Guide to Datapanik Records by Justin Collectorscum, a mega-interview with Halo of Flies and AmRep Records founder Tom Hazelmyer, a sneak peek at The Suspicions (with an MP3 of an upcomng LP track), Closet Cases with Jesse and Oingo Boingo, a killer Last Sons of Krypton interview from Troy, and the first of many Total Fucking Rocker interviews with Richard Adventure. PLUS the first appearance of The Angry Samoans Files, an ongoing feature to include all things...Samoan. Let us know what you think. There are a few live reviews, plus the DotDash coverage, and also some super-late Gonerfest 2 coverage. Thanks to Lane for doing this, and I apologize for running so late with it.

So, take that. Issue 11 will be started in just a short week or so, with the first installment to include a new record reviews section, our "Best of 2005" gayness, a semi-timely Horriblefest report, and some other surprises. Haunted George interview? The return of TB Theater? Killdozer feature? Who knows, tune back in soon to find out. And as always, GET IN TOUCH if you have some quality contributions, no matter who you are. It won't hurt to inquire, and we're really nice. Don't be scared. Help us make TB better for everyone. And also, if you requested a link, we just updated the Links section so check if you're there. If not, please remind me again. Thanks and see you all soon.

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