Hey now, everyone. Here is the long-promised and hard fought for Issue #24. Back ta basics. Table of contents and all. That table of contents page is a bitch for me to format for some reason, and one of the reasons I went to the blog format. But it was actually sort of fun to do it again. People seem to enjoy the "full issue" format more, so I think we will stay with it, with smaller blog updates between issues, mostly with content from myself and some reviews addendums. We'll save everyone else's stuff for the Big Show. Plan is to do another Big Issue before the end of the year, with smaller stuff in-between. While looking for shit in the archives I came to realize that TB has been going for over five years now. It seems like only yesterday that I was editing Anonymous Goy's columns, Todd and Eric still cared and Jesse Knowcrap was answering my e-mails. Yet, as S.E. Hinton said, that was then. This is now. We must push forward. And we will. Obviously, TB is big part of my life. I won't bore you with personal details, but I'm a regular guy who works a regular job, has a wife and a house and family and other shit going on. But not a day goes by that something doesn't get done for TB, whether it's writing reviews, trying to organize the stacks, begging people for content (PS: this issue was supposed to have quite a few more pages/interviews/articles, but you know how that goes...), trying to figure out HTML, researching, interviewing, listening, buying, whatever. I feel like some people out there may think it's just sheer laziness that makes updates take so long. But I assure you, it's not. Updating TB is like a monkey hanging on my back every day. I feel shitty for people who sent us records for review that haven't been posted yet. I feel shitty for contributors who submitted content months ago that I'm sitting on. I feel bad for bands who were interviewed months before the damn thing was actually posted. I fret about it a lot and am always trying to figure out a better way, a better system, to find more time somehow. We're doing our best, that's all I can say, and that's how we will continue. I'm the type of idiot who always thought it would be cool to have a pet monkey anyway.

So, there's a lot to dig into here. I hope you like at least some of it. Thanks to all contributors, readers and anyone who sent in reviewables. Please keep them coming, the desk is clearing up it seems. As always, we're looking for contributors. If you have a good idea for a column, interview, article or feature, drop the editor a line at termibore-at-aoldotcom. We'll be back with more reviews soon enough.