Compiled/written by Jason Litchfield
Live at The Cat Club - 1986

“GG Allin, this New Hampshire loser, appeared at the Cat Club, wearing only a jockstrap and cowboy boots. He started shouting the moment he came out, after shitting in his hands and wiping it on his chest. Then he bashed the microphone into his mouth, nose and eye sockets, a shiny red mask spreading across his face. He stretched his jock aside and pulled hard on his little dick. He broke bottles on the ground and rolled in them. Back up on stage now, there was other stuff on the floor (vomit?), and his butt and legs, besides his face, were bleeding. On his back, sometimes doggy style, Allin would shove the microphone into his anus. Then he went into the second number.”
    — RJ Smith, Village Voice, review of Cat Club show Oct. 6, 1986

“After the set I snaked backstage to say hello. The band was hurriedly packing up, eager to get the hell out, when GG stumbled in, covered in blood and shit, shards of glass still embedded in his back. ‘What’s the mattah?’ he asked earnestly, in a stately New England twang that would do the Kennedys proud. ‘You guys pissed at me?’ Somehow he managed to get a cab to the Port Authority, where he caught a bus to his home in New Hampshire, still naked but for the jockstrap, still covered in shit and blood, and not ashamed. The cops left him alone because they thought he was a victim.”
    — Mike Edison, describing the infamous Cat Club show, Screw magazine, 1986

Now let’s face it: The real reason you sloths became intrigued with GG in the first place isn’t because you heard a catchy poppunk track off of the “Always Was” reissue. Alas, it was the tales of shit, blood and perversion. And that’s OK—hey, this is punk rock, after all. Though while GG is now an internet icon and marketable antihero, 20-plus years ago he was pretty much bandless, relegated to recording with local musicians, playing live shows to a backing tape, and releasing his spew on cheap homemade, home-dubbed cassettes. As these were sold basically through local stores and direct mailorder from fanzines, the cassette releases lived in relative obscurity until 1987. This year saw the release of the “Dirty Love Songs” double LP on the French New Rose label, as well as the ROIR cassette-only “Hated In The Nation” compilation masterminded by Mykel Board (Artless, Maximum Rock N Roll), both of which dipped quite heavily into these formerly tape-only tracks. Also at this time the Rhode Island-based Black And Blue label took to releasing for the most part the entire GG back catalog up to that point. These releases, coupled with buckets of fanzine ink spilled over his now-infamous October 1986 Cat Club gig in New York City—with such indie name-droppings as J. Mascis and Gerard Cosloy in the backing band—provided handy hype for his three-LP signing to Cosloy’s Homestead label. The story from here on in is quite documented, so this discography ends just shy of the reissue deluge. In this segment, the medium of GG’s releases mirrors the music therein: ugly, cheap and crappy.

(Clicking on the sleeves will take you to separate pages with front/back images, alt sleeves, inserts, etc...)

GG Allin & The Scumfucs – Hard Candy Cock EP (7-inch)
Label: Blood 306015
Year: 1983
Tracks: Hard Candy Cock / Out For Blood / I Don’t Give A Shit // Drink, Fight And Fuck / Convulsions

Front sleeve for Hard Candy Cock 7-inch

GG may have still technically been with the Jabbers— their official final gig was not until April 8, 1984 —but in his head he had already conjured up the next stage in his career. The debut Scumfucs EP appeared in mid-1983 pretty much unbeknownst to the Jabbers (though drummer Mike O’Donnell played on the recording). A studio project, as the Scumfucs had never played live at this point, the recording marks the beginning of the lyrics and personality GG perfected in his mid-80s period. A fitting cruddy packaging job adds to the delivery – a black-and-white foldover sleeve hand glued to a white innersleeve on the back flap, while on the front of the white innersleeve is glued an updated version of the Jabbers insert from the “You Hate Me & I Hate You” single. Live photos on the front cover are reported to be from the Jabbers’ A7 Club gig in April 1983. For what it’s worth, “Out For Blood” started off as a Jabbers tune, as it was performed during their pre-A7 gig practice recording.

“There was a hostility in the early days, but it was a shared hostility — the crowds cheered Allin on in his fights with club managers and the law… but his new songs are rantings set to indifferent music, and his style encouraged a contempt between performer and audience.”
    — Review of last Jabbers gig, Manchester Journal, April 1984

“He’d gotten to believe his own publicity, that he was a public animal. We’d saturated the area. Everyone knew what was going to happen at a show and GG had to do more and more. At one club they threw a garbage can full of broken glass on the stage and GG was rolling around in it. He was picking glass out of himself for weeks.”
    — Chris Lamy, Jabbers guitarist, review of last gig, Manchester Journal, April 1984

Vinyl for GG/Artless split 7-inch

GG Allin / Artless – split EP (7-inch)
Label: Schrott 009 MJ8205
Year: 1983
GG Tracks: Out For Blood / Drink, Fight And Fuck

Two songs from the previous “Hard Candy Cock” EP were pulled for this split 45 on the German Schrott label. Artless was Mykel Board’s band and their alliance on his “You’ll Hate This Record” compilation from the same year no doubt had something to do with this release. For completists only, although the insert in which GG fills out his personal info is mildly amusing.

GG Allin & The Scumfucs – Eat My Fuc LP (12-inch)
Label: Blood 402019
Year: 1984
Tracks: Hard Candy Cock / Out For Blood / I Don’t Give A Shit / Drink, Fight And Fuck / Convulsions // Fuckin’ The Dog / Cock On The Loose / Clit Licker / God Of Fire In Hell / Blowjobs / Live At A7 Club NYC 4/83 (You Hate Me & I Hate You / No Rules)

Hand drawn EMF cover

Perhaps GG’s defining moment and point of no return, the “Eat My Fuc” LP establishes the baseline for gutter-quality recording techniques, album design, and lyrical content. Unfortunately following in the footsteps of the “Always Was” LP, this album also only offers up five new tracks, with side one being the debut Scumfucs EP in its entirety. But side two is really where the fun begins. Fueled by daily intoxication and paralleling GG’s dropoff in personal hygiene and high flying of his sexual freak flag, the recording boasts some of the trashiest, mind bogglingly fucked up sounds to ever grace wax. “Fuckin’ The Dog” opens the side with one of his darkest, and dare I say, introspective, moments to date, and the wall-of-fuzz guitar soloing is simply awesome. Throughout the next four tracks, instruments drop out, tracks abruptly end, guitars blast out of only one speaker, odd hissing noises permeate… and the cuts wouldn’t be as good any other way. The tour de force ends with two live cuts from the Jabbers’ April 1983 gig at the A7 Club in New York City, with typical crowd harassment and a quick, upbeat dressing room interview. Initial copies of “Eat My Fuc” feature a white cardstock sleeve completely hand-drawn by GG, often with the song titles handwritten on the back. Includes the insert “Metallic Garage Punk for Savage People.” This may only hold true for copies sold at one Rhode Island store, but some versions exist of a Jabbers-era GG poster folded around the LP cover, hiding the obscene artwork and title, and taped to the back of the jacket. The next, more frequently seen version consists of a plain white innersleeve replacing the hard cardstock sleeve. A live shot of GG lying on the stage, giving the finger to the camera is pasted on the back, and no insert is included. It’s a good bet that yet another variant resulted from dried up markers and/or sore hand (from drawing, pervert): a photocopied version of GG’s hand-drawn artwork pasted on the front, with the same picture on the back of the sleeve.

(Right click and "Save as..." to listen to "Fuckin' the Dog" )

GG Allin – Live Fast Die Fast EP (7-inch)
Label: Black And Blue 410017
Year: 1984
Tracks: Live Fast Die Fast / Livin’ Like An Animal / Loudenboomer / I Need Adventure
** Also released as handmade cassette

Rare alternate sleeve of Live Fast Die Fast 7-inch

Rhode Island-based GG collaborator/producer/public relations man Peter Yarmouth started up his long-running Black And Blue label with this radio-friendly, curse-free EP (pretty much universally hailed as GG’s weakest effort). The record seems chronologically out of place, following up two crap-fi, profanity-laden efforts. But, seeing as 1984 was the the infancy of MTV and the signing of new “alternative” and heavy metal bands, it’s possible this EP was a last gasp for commercial viability. Christ, an inadvertently hilarious/gawdawful video of “Live Fast Die Fast” exists! The backing band on this release is New Hampshire hair-metal band the Flyin’ 69 (with the addition of Alan Chapple on bass), who recorded a little-known EP in 1986, and twenty years later provided the artwork for LiveFastDie’s EP on Douchemaster. “Fuckin’ The Dog” is cleaned up and reworked into “Livin’ Like An Animal,” while “I Need Adventure” borrows some of the lyrics from its original 1980 incarnation and grafts them onto a hard rawk tune with a totally different chorus. “Loudenboomer” is supposedly a Steppenwolf cover (“Earschplitten Louden Boomer”), but I’ve never heard the original. MP3 anybody? First pressing copies are on white paper, and subsequent pressings are on blue paper with insert featuring extensive GG press clips. The handmade cassette version sports exclusive mid-period GG photos. One of the hardest to find GG items is an extremely rare alternate sleeve, possibly whipped up prior to the proper sleeves being printed, for friends or local stores. This is pure speculation, as I have only ever seen two of these, both of which surfaced on ebay. The cover artwork is from the inside of the next EP, with the song titles “Live Fast Die Fast” and “Livin’ Like An Animal” written in black marker on each side of the cover. Oddly, the vinyl enclosed in my personal copy is actually the subsequent Scumfucs EP instead of the “Live Fast” record.

GG Allin & The Scumfucs – I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out EP (7-inch)
Label: Blood 503016
Front sleeve of 1985 EP Year: 1985
Tracks: I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out / I’m Gonna Rape You // Teacher’s Pet / Devil’s Prayer
** Also released as handmade cassette

GG closes out his vinyl run for a couple of years with a new low in recording and lyrical quality. Presumably this was recorded and released shortly before the Hated In The Nation tour of summer 1985; three of the four tracks were live staples through the mid-80s. Two sleeve variations exist, though most likely there were not two separate pressings of the record; the artwork was probably altered for later sales of the single. The first version is slightly clearer photo quality, and a picture of GG shooting up is on the right-hand side of the foldover sleeve. The second version replaces this photo with a cartoon advertising GG’s undoubtedly popular phone number for phone sex. My copy also came with an insert rehashing some of the material from the “Live Fast” insert. A very rare cassette version of these four songs exists, with entirely different cover artwork. For what it’s worth, this record marks the last tattoo-free GG release (well, he only has the lizard on his left arm at this point).

GG Allin & The Texas Nazis – Boozing And Pranks (cassette)
First edition: No label
Second edition: Blood Records
Year: 1985
Tracks: Hard Candy Cock / I’m Gonna Rape You / Teacher’s Pet / Eat My Diarrhea / Cock On The Loose / I Wanna Fuck Myself / Abuse Myself, I Wanna Die / I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out / Drink, Fight & Fuck / Scumfuc Tradition

Second Edition of Boozing and Pranks cassette

Despite all the self-hype of being a destructive madman and public animal throughout his career up to this point, GG never even left his hallmark, um, deposit, on a stage until July 1985 in Peoria, Ill., at the kickoff of his Hated In The Nation tour with Peoria’s Bloody F. Mess. It was a planned event — he ate an entire bar of Ex-Lax a couple of hours before the show — while sharing the bill with straight-edge bands. (I’m sure this was not so much accident as it was a ploy to add even more antagonistic feelings between the audience and the performer.) At this point, GG didn’t have a touring band; he’d simply take a bus to the next stop and hook up with people in that particular city. And when no band was available, he performed solo with a backing tape. The Texas Nazis was a one-off gig captured on tape at the Twilight Room in Dallas, Texas. Surprisingly, the band got through the entire set, diarrhea and all, without being shut down or thrown out (judging by the quietness of the crowd, it was a sparsely attended gig). The sound quality is excellent for a GG show, although you’re not really listening to this for the music: the between-song banter is the raison d’etre here. In fact, the ramblings are so perfect that Mykel Board liberally used portions to sprinkle between songs on ROIR’s “Hated In The Nation” compilation cassette. The first edition of the cassette has no mention of Blood Records, and the liner notes are hand-written by GG. The second edition sports the Blood Records label name and typed liner notes (which are different from the previous version). None of the tapes I’ve owned were professionally manufactured; for as “popular” a release as this was, apparently Geege spent a lot of time dubbing tapes on his dual-cassette deck. Side two of the cassettes I own contain dubs of all of the Scumfucs vinyl releases.

(Right click and "Save as..." to listen to GG's between-song banter parts one and two.)

GG Allin – Sing Along Love Songs (cassette)
Label: Bad Luck Tapes #4
Sing Along Love Songs tape Year: 1985
Tracks: Hard Candy Cock / Eat My Diarrhea / I Wanna Die / Teacher’s Pet / Cock On The Loose / I’m Gonna Rape You / I Wanna Fuck Myself / I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out / Needle Up My Cock / Drink, Fight & Fuck / God Of Fire In Hell

While in Texas, GG and the Texas Nazis recorded their rehearsal, with quite respectable sound quality. The band basically chugs through the whole Twilight Room set, all GG standards with the exception of “Eat My Diarrhea,” which a Texas Nazis member wrote, according to the live banter. This rehearsal version appears on the “Dirty Love Songs” double LP (New Rose, 1987). Closing out the cassette is a version of “God Of Fire In Hell,” never released anywhere else, for good reason, as GG forgets the words. This rehearsal session was released as GG’s self-issued “Rapist” cassette, and also by Bad Luck Tapes of Hampton, N.H., under the “Sing Along Love Songs” moniker.

GG Allin & The Scumfucs – You’ll Never Tame Me (cassette)
Label: n/a
Year: 1985
Tracks: I Wanna Fuck Myself / Fuck Women I’ve Never Had / Needle Up My Cock / Ass Fuckin, Butt Suckin, Cunt Lickin, Masturbation / You’ll Never Tame Me / Torture You / Bite It You Scum / Scumfuc Tradition / Abuse Myself, I Wanna Die / Kill The Children, Save The Food / I Wanna Piss On You / Fuck The Dead

You'll Never Tame Me cassette

The pinnacle of mid-period GG. The recording and performances elevate this cassette to the quintessential release for any newcomer wanting to discover GG in full trashy scumfuc regalia. Recorded in 1985, the Scumfucs — in this tight, solid incarnation including bassist Al Mead (a.k.a. Al Lee Slime) of NH metal band Knightmare and pals — blaze through (s)hits from the Hated In The Nation tour, a handful of new ones, and one atonal noise composition called “Torture You” which was left off of the “Dirty Love Songs” LP. GG the country music fan snuck in covers of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Family Tradition” and “Women I’ve Never Had,” most assuredly unbeknownst to the bulk of his fans. Also, “I Wanna Piss On You” is a reworking of the Jabbers then-unreleased “Nuke Attack.” This cassette comprises all of side one and half of side two of “Dirty Love Songs,” as well as a bulk of the “Hated In The Nation” tracks.

“I used to go out to clubs and get girls to piss in cups for me, and I’d bring a little purse around with me, and I’d bring a camera, and I’d get a little thing of piss. Then I’d get their underwear, and I’d take a picture of them. Then I’d take all this home and put it in the refrigerator. I’d put the underwear into the piss to ferment it, and I’d stick the picture on it to label it. Then I’d take them out of the refrigerator to jerk off so I’d know what girl it was when I was drinking their piss and sucking their underwear.”
    — Chic interview, July 1990

GG & The Scumfucs / Artless split LP cover

GG Allin & The Scumfucs / Artless – split LP
Label: Starving Missile / Holy War 010
Year: 1985
Tracks: I Wanna Fuck Myself / Ass Fuckin, Butt Suckin, Cunt Lickin, Masturbation / You’ll Never Tame Me / Bite It You Scum / Scumfuc Tradition / Abuse Myself, I Wanna Die / Needle Up My Cock

West German release of seven songs from the ‘You’ll Never Tame Me” cassette, and another Artless pairing. 500 copies, 400 for Europe, 50 for GG and 50 for Artless, according to the insert. This LP is actually quite hard to find here in the States. Memory is fading, but I believe some (later?) copies came with a one-sided, blank-label 45 containing “Out For Blood” and “Drink, Fight & Fuck” from the Artless split EP.

GG & The Cedar St. Sluts cassette

GG Allin & The Cedar St. Sluts – The Sleaziest, Loosest Sluts (cassette)
Label: n/a
Year: 1986
Tracks: Bad Habits / Sluts In The City / Blood For You / Tough Fuckin’ Shit / I Wanna Suck Your Cunt

GG follows up his finest recording in years by rounding up three girls (I’m assuming they weren’t really prostitutes, but I guess you never know) and delivering five fine Dollsy shit-stompers. Catchy call-and-response choruses with the female backing vocals make this GG outing a unique and, uh, enjoyable listen. GG’s voice is worse for the wear, but still a bit more tuneful than his subsequent outings. Two of the tracks here are covers in disguise: “I Wanna Suck Your Cunt” is actually DMZ’s “Ball Me Out” from the “Live At The Rat” LP; GG in one interview I read referred to them and Monoman/Lyres as his favorites in Boston. “Tough Fuckin’ Shit” is a tougher one to decipher—it’s actually a reworking of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” copping the melody line. Never would have guessed this if GG hadn’t let the cat out of the bag in an interview.

“I’d like Nancy Sinatra to come see me play. She’s great. I’m totally into Nancy Sinatra. I’d marry her in a second. She’s the queen of whores. You know that song on the Cedar St. Sluts EP, ‘Tough Fuckin’ Shit’? That’s a Nancy Sinatra song, really. I just changed the words around a little. I got the idea for the all-girl band from listening to Nancy Sinatra.”
    —Conflict #43, Jan/Feb 1987

Bored Again cassette

GG Allin – Bored Again (cassette)
Label: n/a
Year: 1987
Tracks: Blood For You / Teacher’s Pet / I Wanna Rape You / Sluts In The City / Drink, Fight & Fuck

I remember seeing this cassette in a couple of local record stores back in high school when it came out, but never ended up getting one until sometime in the 2000’s. And boy did I miss out— the hilarious stage chatter rivals that of “Hated In The Nation.” The cassette captures GG’s last show in Providence, RI, on February 15, 1987, after a five-year hiatus from playing in the state. As with the Texas Nazis cassette and GG’s entire back-catalog, this performance was issued on CD by Black And Blue Records. Read more about the show straight from Peter Yarmouth at his myspace page.

(Right click and "Save as..." to listen to GG's 1987 Providence stage banter in three parts: one and two and three.)

Lastly—a couple of amplifications to Part One. It was nice to see a couple of GG’s old friends take the time to read the article and lend their thoughts. Here to clear up a few issues are Emily XYZ and Johnny Angel. Thanks for writing!

GG live in 1985

Emily XYZ:
Regarding the Stripsearch 45 stamped with bandmember names: “I think this may have been something GG did himself. I never stamped anybody's names on the inside sleeve of that 45. But it does sound like a Jabbers-type bit of promotion.”

Regarding the rare insert: “The cut-and-paste insert was not included in all the original copies — I think I put it into maybe 200. Probably didn't think I would sell more than that, and actually, didn't — not back then, anyway.”

Johnny Angel:
Regarding the Malpractice FU Angel label name: “One thing I don't get — the label that put out the Malpractice single is called FU Angel, supposedly as a "fuck you" to Thrills leader, Johnny Angel. The Malpractice single precedes the existence of Thrills and any notoriety associated with Johnny Angel. Unless this is a reissue (unclear), this is another Kevin Allin myth. Merle, Kevin and I first met in the late spring, 1978. In reality, Kev's refusal to join Thrills had nothing to do with his dislike of me (JA), Barbara or anything else. At the time, his fiancée refused to move to the city and he wouldn't go to Boston without her. Merle and I used to refer to him as "PWK"—"Pussy Whipped Kevin". His metamorphosis into the hick Iggy Pop was at least five years away and besides, if he hated me and Thrills so much, how do you explain his presence on bills with that band frequently in 1980?”

“The first five years of my life were infested with sickness and violence. It consisted of living in a log cabin in the northern woods of New Hampshire with father, mother and brother. It was an extremely real, primitive, anti-social existence with no running water, little heat, and unbearably claustrophobic…I was immensely sick with asthma, always fighting to breathe amidst emotionally uncomfortable conditions where the wall colors were that of the ever-peeling paint strips…We were more like prisoners than a family. We were prisoners to father, and father was a prisoner of himself. He always had planned to kill my brother and I, then commit suicide with mother. This was brought to our attention on many a blistering occasion. Father despised pleasures around the cabin and would consciously now allow any enjoyable items to enter into our home. If he found anything in our possessions that we enjoyed, he would take it out in the woods behind the cabin and bury it. We were allowed very little contact with others. We had no phone, and activities were limited… But it developed into our world. It’s all we knew at the time...Toward the end of a long, barbaric five years, mother was plotting to engage in our escape. She had previously tried but I was kidnapped in the failed attempt. But finally one day when father was at work in the paper mill, mother packed us up swiftly, leaving behind everything that could not be carried, and we then escaped, leaving behind the first five years of my life. A five years that would be scratched into my soul for eternity.”
    — GG Allin, excerpted from childhood essay, “First 10 Years,” early 1990s

GG Allin age 4


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