TB Record Buyers Guide

As a certified record dork, I can attest to how dangerous the modern record buying marketplace can be. Micro-labels abound these days, and even some of the bigger labels are putting out inferior product. There is always more crap out there than there are good records that are actually worth your money. Prices are going up. I know how bad it feels to drop $5 on a single or $10 on a CD/LP only to have it suck. Or get skunked on an edition of 300 European single. Hopefully, our voluminous record reviews section helps you in your record purchasing endeavors. To further aid quality buying, we will be including a Top 5 from most contributors to narrow down the field a little. These are the records we would spend our hard cash on this update if we were you. It will be expanded on in the future, but for now you have recommendations from Jeff, Mitch, and myself. We're probably the three biggest record dorks on staff, so trust us. Really, we wouldn't steer you wrong.

Mitch Cardwell's June Top 5: "Color Bands"
1. BLACK LIPS - "We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow" LP (Bomp)
2. BLACK TIME - "Blackout" LP (Concrete Life)
3. REALLY RED - "Teaching You The Fear" LP (Empty)
4. THE SILVER - "Do You Wanna Dance?" b/w "Popper" 7" (Pop Con)
5. MISS ALEX WHITE & CHRIS PLAYBOY - "Young Monsters" 7"EP (Missile X)

Jeff Greenback's May/June Top 5:
1. SLOWMOTIONS - "Make Love" 7" (HG Fact)
2. BLACK LIPS - "We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow" CD/LP (Bomp)
3. MARKED MEN - "On the Outside" CD/LP (Dirtnap)
4. BLANK ITS - "Johnny's Tongue" 7" (Band Its)
5. CRASH NORMAL - "Heavy Listening" LP (SS)

Filthy Rich's May/June Top 5:
1. BLACK TIME - "Blackout" (Concrete Life)
2. BLACK LIPS - "We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow" (Bomp)
3. ARMITAGE SHANKS - "Urinal Heap" (Damaged Goods)
4. VEE DEE - "Furthur" (Criminal IQ)
5. MOUSEROCKET - s/t (Empty)
1. TOKYO ELECTRON - "Watch Me Bleed" (SSLD)
2. FEELERS - EP (Death by Noise)
3. FE FI FO FUMS - "Electrofize Me" (Boom Boom)
4. STACK O LEES - "Change My Plan" (Big Black Hole)
5. TRAILERPARK TORNADOS - "Don't Mind the Maggots" (Big Neck)