TB Record Buyers Guide

As certified record dorks, we can attest to how dangerous the modern record buying marketplace can be. Micro-labels abound these days, and even some of the bigger labels are putting out inferior product. There is always more crap out there than there are good records that are actually worth your money. Prices are going up. I know how bad it feels to drop $5 on a single or $10 on a CD/LP only to have it suck. Or get skunked on an edition of 300 European single. Hopefully, our voluminous record reviews section helps you in your record purchasing endeavors. To further aid quality buying, we will be including a Top 5/10 from most contributors to narrow down the field a little. So trust us. Really, we wouldn't steer you wrong.

Dave Hyde's Top Ten:
Unavailable for comment...

Jeff Greenback’s Top Ten:
1. A Frames “Police 1000” 7” (S-S)
2. Modernettes “Get It Straight” CD (Sudden Death)
3. Intelligence “Icky Baby” CD/LP (In the Red)
4. The Busy Signals “Love and Dust” 7” (Douche Master)
5. Icky Boyfriends “A Love Obscene” 2xCD (Menlo Park)
6. Toy Love “Cuts” 2xCD (Flying Nun)
7. The Time Flys “Fly” CD/LP (Birdman)
8. Jeffrey Novak One Man Band “Southern Trash” LP (P.Trash)
9. The Rebel “Prawns” LP (Junior Aspirin)
10. Frustration s/t 12”EP (Born Bad)

Steve Strange's Top Five:
1. Buff Medways “Medway Wheelers” LP/CD (Damaged Goods)
2. Nervous Eaters “Eaterville” LP (Penniman)
3. Busy Signals “Love & Dust” 7” (Douchemaster)
4. Carbonas “Blackout” 7” (Shattered)
5. Reigning Sound “Home For Orphans” LP/CD (Sympathy)
6. The Intelligence “Icky Baby” LP/CD (In the Red)

Rich's Top Seven:
1. Reatards "Not Fucked Enough" LP/CD (Empty)
2. A Frames “Police 1000” 7” (S-S)
3. Black Time "I Hate the World..." EP (A Fistful of Records)
4. Carbonas "Blackout" EP (Shattered)
5. Haircuts "Are NO Fun" EP (Sack'O'Shit)
6. Intelligence "Icky Baby" CD/LP (In the Red)
7. MOnitors "Electric Knife" EP (Fungus Boy)

Mitch's Top Whatever:
1. Tokyo Electron LP (Shattered)
2. Rat Traps 7”EP (Your Permanent)
3. Formaldehyde Junkies 7”EP (Underestimated/Firestarter)
4. Birthday Suits CD (Nice & Neat)
5. Animals & Men CD (Hyped2Death)
6. The Illnesses 7”EP (Pop Quiz)
7. S.I.D.S. 7”EP + DVD-R (Stickfigure/ArmyOfBadLuck)
8. Radiators From Space "Midnite Demos" 7"EP (Rejected)


As an aid of sorts, I've compiled a (incomplete) list of upcoming releases for the next few months so you can see what's in store for your pocketbook. Thanks to all the labels who participated (and be sure to patronize their web sites via Grunnen Rocks!), and if you want your stuff added to the list please contact us at termibore at aol dot com. Please keep in mind some of these dates are tentative, and this is a work in progress. I've reorganized this list to go by label, and I will still be toying with this format to make it easier to update/read. Here we go...

If you are a band or label and have upcoming releases you would like to have included on this list (or want your listing updated), just send an e-mail to the editor: termibore-at-aol-dot-com.