A Farewell to Horizontal Action

The time has come. Blackout 2006 is iminent, the big four day party to end it all. I'm sure a lot of you are already packed and ready to go, as are many of us here at Terminal Boredom HQ. So, in honor of all the good times the fine fellows at HozAc Inc. have bestowed upon us, we've assembled a brief tribute of sorts to get you thinking about just what this last romp in the hay in Chicago really means, the end of the HA era. Like it or not, they've been there for us through the last nine or so years, both on the publishing and live action fronts, and for that I think we all owe them some thanks and maybe a beer or a reacharound or two. So enjoy this little stroll down down memory lane and we'll see you all there next week. And for those of you not attending, might we suggest watching a volume of Rocco's Anal Adventures whilst listening to a Tyrades record in memoriam.

Our main feature is an in-depth interview with HA masterminds Uncle Ted and Todd Killings conducted by one Mr. Cozz McThrobb. This interview also appeared in a recent Chicago Reader feature on the magazine and fest, but here at TB we offer you the extended no-holes-barred uncut version complete with flier gallery from the HozAc archives. Ted and Todd discuss the life and times of the HA empire, why they are closing the doors, what they are planning for the future and we also get a brief appearance from HA's porn reviewer Larry Loudmouth. WARNING: CONTAINS SOME ADULT CONTENT.

And as a look back of sorts in anticipation of the last hurrah, we asked Canderson to pick some of his favorite shots from years past which we present along with some brief reminiscing from the TB staff, a short intro from the editor and a comment or two from the photographer himself and some additional snaps from Rob Karlic.

Tyrades by Rob Karlic

Terminal Boredom will be back post-Blackout with some new reviews and some changes to the site. We'll see you then, for now, you can still check out the trainwreck that was Issue 11 here.