Iíve Killed My Television, Now What?

by Jesse Edelman

Season 1, Episode 1: The Pilot

Hi. My name is Jesse Edelman and I run Know Crap! Mail Order. Who I am and what I do is important to this column so that is why I had to introduce myself. And thatís the end of the self serving point of this column.

Have you ever sat through the entire credits to a movie? Who the fuck are all those fucking people?!? Thatís a lot like what happens behind the scenes in the lonely world of punk rock. Who are these people and how do they play an integral part in the music, buttons, posters, shirts, zines and so on and so on that show up on your doorstep month after month? Better yet, how do they do that? Whatís involved in running a label or distro, how do you make a t-shirt or button?

Maybe you think already know the all answers; let me tell you that you probably donít, but donít worry. We are here to answer all these questions and more. There are two main goals to this column: first I want to introduce you to all the people out there that ďmake it happen.Ē I plan on having virtual round table discussions with labels, zines, distros and more to bring in multiple perspectives on the questions everyone wants answers to. I will be talking to people all over the globe; I wonít be US-centric. Also, there are a few important or incredible people doing such great things I will be doing some one-on-one interviews, too.

Second, I know that a lot of you out there want to start doing things that get you more involved in the scene. I get asked a lot about what I do; kids everywhere want to know how I got started and how I keep going. I myself have tried a lot of things (since I moved to Portland), like I read an article once in Rational Enquirer about how to silk screen, the next night I was making my first t-shirts. I actually had a discussion with a friend about this and he brought up a conversation he once had Ė the gist of it was that if you teach people how to do it that just means more competition for you out there. I really donít care about all that to be honest. If youíre going to try something no one can stop you; if you arenít willing to put in the effort to make it successful then you are going to fail with or without any help. Iím not going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to do anything but I am are going to help you understand what it takes and where to go to figure it all out.

Who do I plan on talking to? Well, Underground Medicine, 12 plus years and still running strong they must be doing something right. Road to Ruin Distribution, Pat quit his day job to be home with the kids and has grown out of Pelado records and into a really great up and coming player in the wholesale distribution of punk records. There are other people like Game of the Arseholes, Dropkick Records, Evert who runs the Grunnen Rock web site, Kick-n-Punch Records and the list goes on and on from there. All people that have become my friends over the years and all people you should all get to know.

So, thatís really it for now. If you are someone out there doing something and you want a chance for people to get to know who you are please get in touch via email or post at the addresses below.

1) Hardcore RULES! I used to hate it after a bad power-violence buying experience but everything from Kick-n- Punch and Havoc to bands like Tragedy have re-opened my eyes to some fucking fantastic music. Get your ass kicked today!
2) Getting sued SUCKS! We are not the enemy.
3) Mitch Cardwell is like Paula Abdul (you know, the one on American Idol that only says nice things to people)ÖMitch we love you, but consider this your intervention.
4) Thanks to the all mighty Filthy one for letting me get involved with Terminal Boredom!

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