MF and CC sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g. the bass g-oo-d-b-y-e
(cause Chuck Berries didn't play one and neither did the Silver Apples drummer).
too much coffee too many weeds i think this record was recorded on live TV.
they play with their hands they play with their feet they love Liimanarina and the Tronics and they love to repeat(tition repetition repetition).
these 2 are crazie these 2 are nuts they put their eyes on the speakers and their ears on their guts.
(other things that don't fit in this song that i've seen)
CC come to the party shirtless in a clear zip up jacket (with Pyramids on it)
MF tour with a suitcase that contained only cowboy boots, a tiny black towel and 1 SM-57 microphone. CC pass out while standing up playing guitar (recording).
trouble maker don't run away.
i love these guys.

As has become his interview M.O., Lars begins with a track-by-track analysis of the LP. -Ed.

Lars: 'Miscellaneous Night Feelings' - Love Side - "Trains"
MF: Intro track with keyboards we had laying around.

Lars: "Dissolve"
MF: One of our fave songs? Never thought it would be a good live song, but folks seem to dig it every time? "I feel like something is living inside of me"..."have you prepared yourself to dissolve?"

Lars: "Downtown"
MF: Going downtown to get some downers near crack head park on a sunny day - not as bad as it would seem.

Lars: "Nothing Belongs To You"
MF: Dan (who recorded the record) scavenged this one from the tapes and remixed it. We overdubbed vocals. "You can't take it with you when you leave."

Lars: "Make Believe"
MF: "Theres so many things you cannot see and everything else is make believe."

Lars: "Just Wait"
MF: "Just wait till you put it down." A song about vices.

Lars: "Lady"
MF: A song about angels. Female angels.

Lars: "This Land Is No Good"
MF: Came from one of Craig's demo tapes. I'm playing some crazy drum beat he came up with on a drum machine. One of my faves.

Lars: "Ex"
MF: A song about rebounds, sex and hexes.

Lars: Tan Side - "Night Shade"
MF: Another opener, messing around with keyboards in the studio.

Lars: "Switch"
MF: Another one of my older faves. "Turn on the switch and turn into your other self."

Lars: "Thinking Lately"
MF: "I've been thinking lately........."

Lars: "Man Magick"
MF: I know you get it!

Lars: "Later, That Night"
MF: So many things can happen in just one night.

Lars: "Okay Okay"
MF: "Why do I do this?"

Lars: "Soloween"
MF: "But- you're - still - young and angry- when you find out - you can have me - shirts and skins- shirts and skins - except nobody wins / You have a structured house - a structured life - just like a noose - but not like your wife / when you think - that you're not living - take a look- at the way your sinning - there's shirts and skins - shirts and skins- there both the same - except nobody wins."

Lars: "Horse"
MF: I think this is my favorite of all. Came up with this one a while back. It's our most naturally ambitiously unambitious song stucture. We need to do more like this.

Lars: "Trains"
MF: End lock groove courtesy of Dan.

Lars: What do you like about living in Seattle? What stinks?
MF: I like that it's relatively cheap and I have good friends here, not a lot of 'em, but good ones! What stinks is the fucking rainy fall and winter. It used to not bother me as much, but lately it has been depressing as hell.

Lars: What's your ideal day off here?
MF: I don't get that much time off, just need my mornings to recover from the night before.

Lars: What's it like recording with Dan Strack?
MF: I love recording with Dan. I've known him since high school and have total admiration for him. He's super talented and super humble about it. No ego whatsoever. He has so many varied killer ideas and doesn't have just have a schtick.

Lars: Is there a different vibe recoding for Love Tan as opposed to Factums?
MF: Not really, although I think with Factums he has more of the musical input, so I'm sure it's more fun for him. I can't speak for Dan, but as awesome at recording as he is, I see him as a musician first and think as far as recording other artists he would ultimately work best if they left him alone to do whatever he felt.

Lars: What do you want to say about the name change?
MF: I guess I didn't realize anyone cared that much, if they do I feel sorry for them. I don't. I liked the name Pyramids very much, but so does every other stoner that likes psyched out music. We wanted something a little more unique, as hard as that is. I hope we change it again, it kind of invigorated us...a little, anyway.

Lars: What's your house like?
MF: You know what my house is like, Lars. Although you don't come over enough. No one does. It's in the boonies and it's tiny. I love it though. As many pieces of cool furniture and records as you can fit in a 400 square foot house. Craig's is pretty much the same, have you been there yet?

Lars: What LPs did you buy this week?
MF: I bought a Mittagspause LP (it's okay), Gordons 'Future Shock' EP, a Los Jaivas LP, some Studio One LPs, and some cool Folkways sound pattern LPs.

Lars: What's you take on cigarettes?
MF: They stink! But theres nothing like a smoke after a couple shots and a good buzz (wink wink) especially if it's a Bali Shagg. These days I can only smoke about half of two or three within one night per week.

Lars: What new bands do you like?
MF: Man, theres a lot, where do I start? Unfortunately I haven't seen a lot of them live, but if it's a cool record, it's a cool record, right? Nodzzz, Sic Alps, Ty Segall, Crystal Stilts, Wet Hair, Zola Jesus, Dead Luke, Nice Face, Sex/Vid (especially live), Catatonic Youth...I'm sure theres a bunch I'm missing, but my very favorite of all = TASK.

Lars: What's going on in the painting studio these days?
MF: Shit, please don't ask! Unfortunately I have boxes of records and bikes crammed in there and it's been like that for five fucking years. I have managed to do a bunch of collages but other than that...NADA. What happens to a dream deferred?

Lars: What are you and CC's strengths and weaknesses?
MF: I won't speak for him. But mine (I'm assuming you're talking musically) is lyrics. I'm pretty good at coming up with shit on the spot or starting either a chorus or verse thing, but when it comes to the follow through, not so much. It's a little easier if I'm starting from scratch on a four track. My other weakness is anything besides drums, but I'm working on my guitar chops!

Lars: Talk to me about The Tronics.
MF: I don't know much about The Tronics, except that they're a really cool band. Apparently our name is from one of their songs, however we didn't realize that until someone told us. They have a song called "Love Tan in a Two Way Circus." Still not sure what love tan means. We had a song called "Spray Tan" and almost went with that. Factums has a song called "Factum Tan" and I really liked the tan thing. We messed with a bunch of variations of it and Love Tan was our favorite. An English guy I met travelling told me that it meant a hickey or he thought it might of meant rough sex. But I think he was messing with me. Perhpas someone can get a hold of Ziro Baby and he can inform us?

Lars: How'd you and CC decide to start a band?
MF: We met at school and had a lot in common, especially music tastes. We jammed a few times and liked it. Then started doing it regularly and then started "writing" songs and decided to play shows. I guess that's pretty typical.

Lars: What's the best and worst thing about only being two?
MF: I love being a two piece. I don't really feel like its an "only" thing, just another way to have a band. The best thing is no drama and a cool, rawer sound. The worst thing I guess is that it's hard to stay motivated. It's easy to just blow off practice and get high, listen to records, postpone any tour ideas, forget about listening to our four track stuff or working on new songs to record. Another person or two might make us take the whole thing a little more seriously...but I'm not sure thats really what we want or need.


'This Land is No Good' 7" (Sweet Rot)
'Puget Power Vol. 5' 7" comp (as Pyramids) (Regal Select)
'Miscellaneous Night Feelings' LP (Kill Shaman)

Love Tan on the web here and here.

Pics provided by Mr. Finberg and the band, if anyone would like a credit please contact the editor.

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