Letters to the Editor...

Hi there,
I found a couple of mentions of RAXOLA in your writings. This mail is just to let you know that we are still alive and kicking. Please find our last press release in a next mail. visit http://www.raxola.net. Take it or beat it!
Yke N. Raxola (formerly Eef)

That's great. And yes, we would love whatever copies of your first LP you have sitting in your closet. The TB mailing address is on the contacts page. Thanks!

Dear Mr Bored:
Do yourself a favor and edit out the libellous assertion concerning my sexual preferences in the following interview.
I was friends with Rodney Bingenheimer for many, many years. There was a glorious period in 1981/1982 where we discovered the mother lode of Southern California punk rock together. The Angry Samoans were besides themselves in frustration that Rodney had this incredibly influential show and they and their pal Richard Meltzer were on a nothing NPR station.
They needlessly attacked Rodney and issued pathetic death threats that Rodney took seriously. They re-wrote their song "Hitler's Cock", conveniently releasing it in Germany where the original title would have gotten them in trouble, substituting the title "Posh Boy's Cock" the lyrics of which insinuated that Rodney and I were homosexual lovers. The Samoans have not dared to release that in the USA.
Rodney is a borderline paedophile. His friends talk about it in the outtake section of "The Mayor of Sunset Strip" DVD. If I had seen him do anything illegal, I'd been the first to report him ... but Rodney was petrified of getting busted in the 1980's onwards for what was commonplace in the 60's and 70's. He did associate with some known paedophiles, living vicariously through them and I steered well away from these unsavory characters. But as I explain to my teenaged daughter, I also ran a mile from getting involved with the murderous Billionaire Boys Club and the Chippendale's people.
Being a friend of Rodney does not mean you're also one or you condone his activities!
How do you think my children will feel when they read the garbage you have printed? Why should they be tarnished with something that started out as verbal diarrhoea from the mouths of frustrated Pharisees?
I thought Shane answered your leading question as intelligently as one might expect from someone who immediately declares "Well, I don't know the man ..."
For the record, I fell out with Rodney a few years back and have only spoken to him once recently, just to chat about "The Mayor of Sunset Strip".
And, yes, I have had and continue to have a lot of enemies ... and a lot of friends.
Robbie Fields
Posh Boy Music

Mr. Fields is apparently pissed at some insinuations made during Troy's interview with Shane. We apologize for any confusion regarding Mr. Fields sexual proclitivities (is that even a word?). The interview was done without the intention of harming or slandering anyone. Please don't sue us. And "Posh Boy's Cock" is a rewrite of "Steak Knife" if I'm not mistaken.

Hello. my name is hiroshi otsuki. i read your writing something.
but i don't know very much english. so i very interested in this zin.
registrators are broken up few month ago now.
now i'm starting new band. name is BRIGHTLINER.
sound like OASIS. NEW ORDER. ROCK. just little bit punk.
thank you.
hiroshi otsuki.

Fuck. I get an e-mail from Hirsohi from the Registrators and it's to tell me his new band will sound like Oasis. And New Order (I'm taking it he means the post-Joy Division band, and not the Ron Asheton outfit, which might actually be worse). The Registrators will always be one of my favorite bands, no matter how bad they got in the later years. I extend Hiroshi all the luck in the world with Brightliner, and hope he achieves his dreams of rock stardom. I think Lowery will be releasing Brightliner in the US, because he fucking loves Oasis.

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