Year in Review with Ben Lyon

I’m not a writer. I almost failed my senior year of high school because I was short on English credits. I squeaked by....Barely. I write lyrics for my bands, but if you can make them out, you can tell that I’m no wordsmith. Every song I’ve ever written is about girls, cars, monsters, or girls. Needless to say, it’s gonna take a lot of effort on my part to write a “top ten” without resorting to “it’s good. I like it”. Also, It’s a limited list, as I didn’t buy all that much new music in 2004. Definitely not enough for EP’s and LP’s to have their own separate lists. Maybe I shouldn’t have waited ‘til the last minute....but I did. Oh well, here goes nothing, in no particular order....

-The Feelers “Fuhrers New Miniskirt” 7” - I think I was sold on this band before I ever actually heard them. I heard so much great stuff that I had to pick up this 7” the second I saw it, even though I was way too broke to be spending money. I was not disappointed in the least, and who needs food anyway?
-The Lids “s/t” LP - The band that tied the Catholic Boys and Reatards for best band of the Blackout came out with a catchy motherfucker of an album in ‘04. Yeah, it made me jump and down on my bed and lip synch into a hairbrush, so what?!
-The Tyrades “I Am Homicide” 7” - I Absolutely love the Tyrades. Everything about them (well, maybe not their first 7”). This 7” is no exception, and actually probably leaves their other records in the dust.
-Tokyo Electron “Make Me Bleed” 7” - I Like it. It’s Good.
-Headache City “Knee Jerk Reaction” 7” - I have to admit I really wasn’t impressed with Headache City the first time I saw them. They were okay. I was in Chicago for the Blackout. I was stoked to be there and Headache City was the opening band for the whole weekend. I think I was just expecting the first band to be a boot in the teeth or something. I saw them again a few months later in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and I liked them a bit more, but was still more concerned with the merch table or beer or talking to my friends or something, and was still not totally sold on Headache City. I bought the 7” anyway. Well, I listened to it a few times, and liked it, but not too much. I must’ve been in a bad mood. A couple months back I was making a tape for a friend and I thought she might like them, so I put the A side on for her. BAM! Like a boot to the teeth! What the fuck was I thinking in Chicago? Am I deaf or stupid?! I think I’ve listened to “Knee Jerk Reaction” and “High Rise” four hundred thousand times since.
-Kajun SS “s/t” 12”EP - I’m not usually the first to know about anything. A real Johnny-come-lately. I never heard a Persuaders song until about a month ago. Yeah, yeah, I suck. Tell me something I, my family, and the whole population of Coldwater, Michigan doesn’t know. Anyway, I got this for Christmas from my sister, along with Killed by Death 4 and “Bedroom Disasters”. Lucky me! Nothing like a little eggnog and “Know Your Place” to make the holidays merry. I think I listened to this more in the last week in 2004, than any other record the whole year. My Girlfriend fucking hates it. When she leaves me, Kajun SS will partially be the reason.
-Final Solutions “Eye Don’t Like You” 7”- Along with Kajun SS, this was my winter crush. The retardified drum solo thing in “Left Banke” gets me every time. This was good enough to end up on a mix tape next to my favorite song, “Let’s Get Rid Of New York” by The Randoms. They were also “the shit” when I saw them in K-zoo with the Lids.
-The Real Losers “Go Nutzoid!” 7” - I liked them at the blackout, but they weren’t my favorite of the weekend or anything. Another one of those things that had to grow on me I guess, because I’ve apparently got big wads of stupid blocking my ears. Dummy rock supreme. Plus, they’re like all English n’shit! This is the only thing I have by them. It’s damn time I got some more.
-The Reigning Sound “Too Much Guitar” 12” - I don’t know anyone in the know who wasn’t floored by this record. Fucking great song writing and execution. I still can’t think of anything an Oblivion has done that I’ve objected to. This is what all the brown leather jacketed hipsters in Detroit wish they could come up with.
-The Black Lips “We did not know the forest spirit made the flowers grow” 12” - I love this band. There’s something about ‘em that’s dangerous, and I don’t mean puking on each other and strumming the guitar with their dicks. It’s something soaked into their music that makes me think of serial killers and zombies covered in gasoline in a garage rock cluster fuck. Blah blah blah....It’s unexplainable, and I’m just wasting your time babbling on about it, so I’ll shut up now.

-Honorable Mentions: Dr. Spec’s Optical Illusion, Frantic, River City Tan Lines, The Briefs “Joy of Killing” 7”(There goes my last thread of credibility!), The Dirges, Miss Alex White.

-Bands that I wish would put out a record in ‘05: Terrior Bute(The Screamers of 15 year old high school nerd bands), Body Jazz(the Verve Pipe of retardedly awsome basement bands), The Terrible Twos, The Throbbing Urges.

-Records I have on my “to buy” list for ’05: Human Eye (I’ve heard it, and if it’s not a fucking killer, I don’t know what is), The Catholic Boys (ditto), The Krunchies.

See, told you, I suck at writing. Maybe I’ll take some classes and not suck so much next year. I doubt it.

~Ben Lyon
Resident art fag.