RFA’s Wild Shit of 2005


1. Intelligence – “Icky Baby” - This album fucking destroys! Seriously, Lars Finberg is a total gentleman. Pack a bowl and get ready to rock, cuz only a true Knight of the Rock Table could pull off an album this great.

2. A-Frames – “Black Forest” - Cold, dark, and hypnotic says it all. A-Frames are a band that can get away with doing three versions of one song on their record. On that note, the song “Death Train” kills.

3. Tractor Sex Fatality – “Peel and Eat” - Bushmeister gave me this record cuz he didn’t care for it. I instantly liked the record, but the true greatness of the album didn’t hit me til’ a few months ago. I was drinking a whiskey and coke, and talking some trash to some lame ass wrestling marks online. TSF was blasting in the background, and after I had a good whiskey buzz on, I realized the power of “Peel and Eat.”

4. The Feelers – “Learn To Hate The Feelers” - At first this record almost sounded the same on each song. After playing it a few times I was hooked. The whole album is great, and Clark the dog and I mosh it up to “Slit Wristz.”

5. The King Kahn & BBQ Show LP – I don’t think I’ve met a person who doesn’t like this modern classic. I could talk more about how great it is, but everybody knows already. Hell even my mother & father in law love this record.


1. Chicago Blackout 2005 – Every year the Blackout gets better and better. Fuckin’ Bad Times, Final Solutions, and The Pagans were probably my favorite bands to see. Most importantly though, is seeing friends from all over the USA. Also eating hot dogs and record shopping with Steve Strange and Filthy Rich was epic yet trepic.

2. Richard and Rebecca Adventure wedding – Yeah I know I’m tooting my own horn, so what. This was an epic night of epic proportions. All the bands that played were awesome. The Leghounds doing a five song Thin Lizzy melody was pretty fucking stellar. Chaos ensued during the Catholic Boys set. From beer and hot beef to shoes, everything was getting thrown around. The A-Frames killed as well. They played all the hits, and all the family loved them. I thought that some of the family would be scared...hell no. Gus Graf and my mother were drinking whiskey together, and I don’t think there was a single person there that wasn’t drunk or stoned.

3. Ted and Jenny Prokash wedding - Another awesome time for sure. Reigning Sound played an early all ages show, and then the wedding reception. It was really quite an event. Being able to see Reigning Sound twice in one day is pretty clutch. You can’t beat hanging out with most of Algoma hearing crazy stories about Tweety, the whitest black man from Algoma. Hell I think he is the only black guy to come from Algoma.


SAMOA JOE – Yeah I had to make at least one wrestling name drop in this. The Samoan Submission Machine with out a doubt is one of the toughest SOB’s to enter the squared circle. Joe can wrestle guys that weigh 150 lbs soaking wet to guys his own size and put on awesome matches. I was lucky to see Joe wrestle live this past year, and the guy lives up to the hype. If you look in the record books this year, all the best matches are matches that Samoa Joe wrestled. I’d totally smoke some wind with Joe, then go out and put the boots to somebody.

-Richard Fuckin' Adventure