RR//TT#1 -- North American Students "Kid Koala/Oscar Egg" cassette

RR//TT#2 -- Violent Students "A Handy Magician" cassette

RR//TT#3 -- BTK Killers "No Longer At Large" MP3

RR//TT#4 -- Violent Students "Time 2 Surf!" cassette
- "There’s just a handful of those early cassette releases because nobody gives a shit about cassettes and there’s no reason that they should."

RR//TT#5 -- Homostupids "The Brutal Birthday" 7" EP
- 1000 copies
- One-sided. Matrix reads: "Together-ing wonderful"(RK)

RR//TT#6 -- Violent Students "Street Banger" CDEP

RR//TT#7 -- Ace Frehley cassette
RR//TT#8 -- Peter Criss cassette
RR//TT#9 -- Paul Stanley cassette
RR//TT#10 -- Gene Simmons cassette
- "Part of a cassette boxset of the four albums recorded by the members of Kiss and originally issued by Casablanca in 1978. All 4 solo slabs in a convenient box. Perfect for walkmen, Trans-Ams, and completists. This project is still in production."

RR//TT#11 -- Clockcleaner "Frogrammer" 7"
- 500 copies
- "There is an error on some covers of this record. The misprinted copies show a logo of the Parts Unknown imprint. In fact, Parts Unknown was not involved in producing this release. It is a Richie Records//TestosterTunes production through and through."
- Matrix reads: "I'll set ur girlfriends pussy on fire".(RK)

RR//TT#12-15 -- "These matrix numbers do not and will not exist. They were skipped over due to a clerical error."

RR//TT#16 -- FNU Ronnies "Meat" 7"
- 500 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on white vinyl
- "A handful of copies are black/white marble. About 5 copies have a full-color collage cover."
- Most copies have silkscreened sleeves, although I've seen a few photocopied ones as well. Silscreened copies have an insert. Photocopy is double-sided, with insert info on inner. Matrix reads: "Surfin w/the time wave zero heroes" on A-Side "Blak is white, white is blak" on B-Side. Hand stamped labels.(RK)

RR//TT#19 -- Kiss solo albums CDR
- "It's a sampler disc of the Kiss boxset. It'll have the two best songs from each album. This too has yet to see the light of day."

RR//TT#20 -- Brainbombs "Live at Lund" LP
- 500 copies

RR//TT#21 -- Kurt Vile & The Violators "The Hunchback" 12" EP
- 2000 copies

RR//TT#22 -- Watery Love "Debut 45" 7"
- 330 copies, hand-numbered.
- Blank silver labels, some with handwritten "I" and "II" on them. Most have cardstock sleeves w/offset printing, I also have a copy photocopied on plain paper.(RK)

RR//TT#23 -- Factorymen "Shitman" LP
- 500 copies
- Matrix reads "Shitman" on Side One, "johnny is really ronnie" on Side Two.(RK)

RR//TT#24 -- Home Blitz "Out of Phase" LP/CD
- 1000 copies on vinyl

RR//TT#25 -- Birds of Maya "Ready To Howl" 2LP
- 550 copies
- Gatefold sleeves. Some copies may have come with silkscreened poster.(RK)

RR//TT#26 -- Birds of Maya "Regulation" 7"
- 400 copies
- Tour Single. Covers have varying shades of silscreening (blue/purplish-grayish/etc.). Matrix reads: "May 2010" on A-Side, "Ready to Tour..." on B-Side.(RK)

RR//TT#27 -- Purling Hiss "Hissteria" LP
- 500 copies

RR//TT#28 -- Brainwashed Youth "The Trilogy" 7"
- pressing info TBA

RR//TT TOUR SUPPORT #1 -- Kurt Vile "Overnite KV!" CDEP
- UK Tour Only

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