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Florida's Dying: Rich Evans Interview // FD Discography • Richie Records: Richie Charles Interview // Richie Discography • Daggerman Records: Eric Holmgren Interview // Daggerman Discography • Fashionable Idiots: Andy Peterson Interview // Fashionable Idiots Discography

"TV As Eyes" with Rob Vertigo
Winter 09: Mondo Macabro Summer 10: DVDs Are Shit! Summer 11: Chas Balun & Prevues From Hell! Summer 11: Destroy All Movies!: The Interview! Winter 11: SOV Massacre! Spring 14: Something Weird/Mike Vraney

"International Vomit" with Mattt
Winter 09: The Recurring Dreams of Jean Rollin (Part One)

Terminal Boredom Field Guide to...
Sacramento (by Soriano) SF Art Punk 1977-82 (by Sgt. Slaughter) Datapanik Records (by Justin CollectorScum) Free Jazz (by Soriano) GG Allin 1977-1986 (Part One) (by Jason Litchfield) GG Allin 1977-1986 (Part Two) (by Jason Litchfield)

"Cheap Rewards" by Dave Hyde
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"Too Much Junk: Flipsides and Uncompables" by Justin CollectorScum
Spring 06 (Nothing/Ducky Boys/Beluga/No Control) Spring 06 (Critical Mass/Knots/Nu-Clear Energy/Horn & Hard Art) Fall 07 (Cowboys/DV8/Ravers/Rank Amateurs) Spring 08 (Village Pistols/Jimi Lalumia/Trixy & The Testones/Hit Squad) Summer 09 (Erratic/Rich and Famous/Peter and Mary Saving Grace/Jerry Rooth) Spring 10 (The Unexpected/L4/Randazza/Rusty Samarco)

Garbage Can
June 05/Icki Aug. 05/Soriano Nov. 05/Strange Fall 06/The Editor Spring 07/Frank from Vegetative State Spring 10/Black Mike April 2014/Levon Sex Church Summer 2014/Theresa Home Blitz (aka Hillside Wrangler) Fall 2014/Biff & Sketchy Nick Winter 2015/Ryan Dinosaur

"Total Fucking Rocker" with Richard Adventure
Nov 05 (Marked Men/Sweet Jap fiasco) Spring 06 (Tony Sagger) Fall 06 (Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones) Summer 09 (Aluminum Knot Eye)

"Anononymous Goy" and "Sweet Ronnie Coz" by Brian Costello
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"Civilization and Its Malcontents" and "Ask Mr. Know-it-All" by Scott Soriano
June 04 Aug 04 Oct. 04 Dec. 04 Apr. 05 June 05 Aug. 05 Nov. 05

"Nothing Is True/Everything Is Permitted" with Erick Elrick
Spring 07 (reviews)

"Going Nowhere, Eating Things" with Tony Rettman
Spring 10

The Terminal Advisor
Summer 11

"Can't Stand the Midwest" by Matt Coppens
Apr. 05 June 05 Aug. 05 (Upstab Interview) Nov. 05 (Bill Bondsmen Interview) Spring 06 (reviews) June 06 (reviews) Fall 06 (Paul Schlacter interview) Winter 06 (reviews) Fall 07 (reviews) Spring 08 (reviews) Summer 08 (reviews) Best of 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Rock'n'Roll by Icki
Summer 06/Ghetto Ways/Sneaky Pinks/Busy Signals Winter 06/Brimstone Howl

Terminal Boredom Theater
Urgh! A Music War (RK) TV Party (SJ) The Devil & Daniel Johnston/Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King (SJ) (SJ)

Closet Cases
Aug 05/Led Zeppelin "Presence" (BC) Nov 05/Oingo Boingo (JC) Fall 06/the Breeders (RK)

Guest Columns
Frank Anstein of Vegetative State

"Angry Samoans Files" with Chuck Barrels
Nov 05 (Samoans vs. Brendan Mullen) Spring 06 (Gregg Turner)

Let Us Read
Nov 05 (TV A-Go-Go) (SSR) Mar 06 ('77: The Year of Punk and New Wave plus) (RK)

"Attacking the Beat" by Eric Lastname
Feb. 04 Apr. 04 June 04 Dec. 04 June 05

"Mess Me Up" by Steven Strange and "Almost Ready" by Young Steve
Feb. 04 Apr. 04 June 04 Aug. 04 Dec. 04 Apr. 05 Aug. 05 Nov. 05 Mar. 06 (Homeblitz interview) Dec. 08 (Steve vs. The Stooges)

"I Was a Teenage Malcontent" with Dasha van Dasha
Nov 05 Spring 06 (Black Lips)

"Some Guy..." by Phil Honululu
Dec. 04 Apr. 05 June 05 Aug. 05 Nov. 05

Letters to the Editor
June 05 Aug. 05 Nov. 05

"...But I Still Love the Old World..." by Nanne Tepper
Apr. 04 Aug. 04 Dec. 04

"I've Killed My Television, Now What?" by Jesse Knowcrap
Apr. 04 June 04

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